7th Grade Humanities Syllabus

Course Description: This year, through an integrated curriculum, we will closely examine US history and literature from the birth of America through the Industrial Revolution. Our selected readings will expose students to varying perspectives on key figures and events in US History; students will also be exposed to a variety of literary works. Through careful reading, reflection, and analyses, students will hone their critical reading ability and writing skills, while expanding their knowledge of US History. By the end of this school year, they will be able to engage in active reading; track their reading progress by keeping “reading logs”; students will be able to comprehend, summarize, analyze and synthesize written texts. 


Texts and Resources: 

Harcourt Social Studies, The United States: Making a New Nation

In Addition:
Various primary and secondary materials, including periodicals, video clips, and internet sources 


Tentative Field Trips:

Washington D.C.

Penn Museum of Archeology