Syllabus for Seventh Grade Math Curriculum

Topics to be covered:

            . Algebraic expressions and integers

            . Solving equations and inequalities

            . Decimals and equations

            . Factors, fractions, and exponents

            . Operations with fractions

            . Ratios, proportions, and percents

            . Linear functions and graphing

            . Spatial thinking

            . Area and volume

            . Right triangles in algebra

            . Data analysis and probability

            . Nonlinear functions and polynomials

            . Begin concepts in Algebra I as well as standardized test prep materials/problems


Grading Scale:

Tests = 50 %

Quizzes, projects, and notebook checks = 25 %

Homework, class participation/motivation, and behavior = 25%

(-3 for any missed/incomplete homework assignments on the homework average portion)

Class Format:

Lecture on given topic, guided practice, independent practice and daily assigned homework.

Comprehension of the lecture is noted by oral and written responses from the guided and independent practices.  If a solid understanding has been determined, students are permitted to start their homework a few minutes prior to the class dismissal.


Students will come prepared for class each day with completed homework assignments, as well as with all proper utensils including textbook, workbook, notebook and a pencil(s).  Most of all, they come with a desire to learn math!!!!


Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or concerns at

Looking forward to an awesome school year!


                                                                                                Tr. Gina