7th Grade Science Syllabus

Course Description

Welcome to Tr. Ben’s 7th Grade Science class! The seventh grade science program covers a variety of topics including:


  • Animals
  • Electricity & Magnetism
  • Health
  • Astronomy


Ongoing lab activity throughout the year include dissections, experimentation, and direct observations. Students record their observations in journals with attention to detail in illustration and note-taking.


Students will participate in the local Coriell science fair that requires specific criteria be met in order to enter and succeed. Students design and carry out their own experimentation, followed by detailed written assignments and a visual and verbal presentation.


Text and Resources

Science Explorer Series by Prentice Hall Publishing. Additional materials include professional publications, online videos, and current-event articles from reputable internet sources such as discoveryeducation.com and sciencebuddies.org  



Students are encouraged to view their world with a sense of wonder and to question thoughtfully. They will treat their peers and teacher with respect and compassion. I have high expectations of my students and will challenge them to do their best. Truth and hard work are valued highly.


Students are expected to take notes in class. Students can expect a mix of individual and group work, with labs that align with the lesson. Homework will be posted on Google Calendar and periodically checked to verify concepts learned in class are being practiced at home. Students can expect formative assessments in the form of exit tickets, homework, and mid-chapter quizzes, as well as chapter tests as summative assessments. Retakes are permitted on a case-by-case basis and the average of the two scores will be recorded.


Grade Weighting

Tests = 50%

Quizzes + Projects = 25%

Homework + classroom presence + behavior = 25%


HFS Grading Scale

A+   99 - 100

A    95 - 98

A-   93 - 94

B+   90 - 92

B    87 - 89

B-   85 - 86

C+   82 - 84

C    79 - 81

C-   77 - 78

D+   74 - 76

D    72 - 73

D-   70 - 71

F    < 70