Syllabus for Sixth Grade Science Curriculum

Topics to be covered:

. The sixth grade course is a full year of Biology.

. Students will begin the year with a unit on cells and heredity, where they will learn about the structure and functions of animal and plant cells.  Student will use microscopes to observe these structures and prepare slides with a variety of tissues from plants and animals.

. Students will learn the basics about DNA and heredity.

. Six grade students will then move on to study the classification of living things and complete a detailed unit of study of five of the six kingdoms of living things; archaebacteria, eubacteria, protists, plants, and animals.

. Students will also focus on the human body, studying the organ systems, while also learning about the care and respect needed to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.

. Sixth’s grade’s field trip to Cape May allows for the study of the ecology of the wetlands.

. This course is taught in an experimental manner, with lab activities and direct observations on a weekly basis.  

. Students keep a Science Observational Journal that they use throughout the year to record their results with illustrations as well as data collections.  

. All students are expected to come to class prepared to learn and interact with material presented.  

. They will participate with respect for both the subject matter and each other. 

. In my class, I expect my students to enter the room with a sense of wonder and discovery.


Grading Scale:

Tests = 50 %

Quizzes, projects, labs, science journals, and notebook checks = 25 %

Homework, class participation/motivation, and behavior = 25%

(-3 for any missed/incomplete homework assignments on the homework average portion; also, -1 for not coming prepared to class with a pencil).


Class Format:

Lecture on given topic, guided practice, independent practice and daily assigned homework.

Comprehension of the lecture is noted by oral and written responses from the guided and independent practices.  If a solid understanding has been determined, students are permitted to start their homework a few minutes prior to the class dismissal. 




Students will come prepared for class each day with completed homework assignments, as well as with all proper utensils including textbook, notebook and a pencil(s).  Most of all, they come with a desire to learn science!!!!

Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or concerns at

Looking forward to an awesome school year!


                                                                                                            Tr. Gina