Syllabus for Fifth Grade Science Curriculum

Topics to be covered:

. Students will receive an overview of the three main branches of science: life science,            

 physical science, and earth science.

. Specifically studying the classification of living things, basic cell structure, human body  systems, ecosystems and biomes, weather patterns, volcanoes and earthquakes, matter and its properties, electricity, and stars and galaxies.

. Fifth grade’s field trip to Mt. Misery allows for the study of Pineland ecology in depth.

. Students are also introduced to the concept of experimentation and scientific method, preparing for a science fair.

. This course is taught in an experimental manner, with lab activities and direct observations on a weekly basis.

. Students keep a Science Observation Journal that they use throughout the year to record their results with illustrations as well as data collections.

. All students are expected to come to learn and interact with the material presented.  .They will participate with respect for both the subject matter and each other. 

. In my class, I expect my students to enter the room with a sense of wonder and discovery.

Grading Scale:

Tests = 50 %

Quizzes, projects, labs, science journals, and notebook checks = 25 %

Homework, class participation/motivation, and behavior = 25%

(-3 for any missed/incomplete homework assignments on the homework average portion; also, -1 for not coming prepared with a pencil).

Class Format:

Lecture on given topic, guided practice, independent practice and daily assigned homework.  Comprehension of the lecture is noted by oral and written responses from the guided and independent practices.  If a solid understanding has been determined, students are permitted to start their homework a few minutes prior to the class dismissal.


Students will come prepared for class each day with completed homework assignments, as well as with all proper utensils including textbook, notebook and a pencil(s).  Most of all, they come with a desire to learn science!!!!

Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or concerns at

Looking forward to an awesome school year!                                    


Tr. Gina